Sunday, April 7, 2013

True Triangles - Video Tutorial

Working on sample of True Triangles
I've had some wonderful comments on my Salsa blocks, as well as a few questions on how I did certain aspects, including my background of my most recent block, Chili Pepper.  Today, I'm going to go over the triangles freemotion quilting design. 

Practice and notes from my sketchbook - True Triangles

I started working out this triangle design in my sketchbook, because I wanted a way to have triangles, but not a bunch of connecting lines or other angles.
More notes from my sketchbook
The main trick with this design is to make your first triangle and then backtrack (or "travel stitch" as Leah Day of the Freemotion Quilting Project calls it) to the middle of one of the sides of your triangle, where you start the first corner of your next triangle.

Difficulty: Beginner- The main difficulty with this design is in getting your sides of your triangles straight and in carefully backtracking, so your stitches stay on the line of the original triangle's line.

OK, I'm still working out the bugs on how to do a nice job on videography for my tutorials, so bear with me.  I cut down time on this video by speeding it up a bit during part of the sewing, but I need a bit more practice on my hand position while videoing and also adding audio to the part which has increased speed.

Click Here if the Video isn't Showing Above

True Triangles used in the background of my Chili Pepper block
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  1. Hi Christina, by using Adobe Premiere (and maybe Premiere Elements though we haven't tried it) you can disconnect the audio from the video to let you speed up the video while having the audio continue at a normal pace. Alternatively, try recording the audio on a separate device. Michael recently purchased the Zoom H1 for this purpose.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer- I'll try that out on my next video!

  2. What a neat background with the triangles! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. This is an excellent video Christina! On noise - it's really easiest to leave the machine in and let it be loud because it gives viewers more of an idea of how fast you are going. I muted and dubbed (re-recorded) audio over my videos for years, but once I started leaving it it, it was not only easier to edit, it was much faster to film. Just maybe say something like "so let me stitch some of this so you can see how it works..." and increase your speed and let the machine do the talking!

    If you'd like more tips on making videos, just email me. I'd me more than happy to share more info that's taken me years to figure out, but I love seeing more people making videos about FMQ!


    Leah Day

  4. Thanks for this tutorial, I look forward to trying the design!