Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Creative World Book Arts - 1

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"The Red Necklace" by Barbara Barnes Allen
Mixed media (book art) $175

As I've mentioned in the past, my mother is a librarian.  I grew up surrounded by and delighting in books.  She started reading to me early and I carried on the tradition with my children.  Even after she retired from her job as a school librarian, she took on and continues to serve as a librarian for the retirement community where she lives.  So it's not surprising that I'm fascinated with book arts.

The idea of combining three of my most favorite things- books, textiles and art- delights me.  I do work on art journals, although I haven't spent a lot of time combining textile into them yet, I'm sure I will in the future.  And, although I haven't yet forayed into making my own paper, it is something I'd like to play with in the future (being yet another type of fiber!)

Today I went to a fabulous exhibit  at the Schack Center for the Arts in Everett, WA, called "The Creative World of Book Arts."  I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of these wonderful pieces!
Display of Barbara Barnes Allen's wonderful handmade books (foreground)
at the Schack Art Center

 "Marilyn" by Lisa JonesMoore (from side)
Metal, photos, paper, mixed media NFS

 "Marilyn" by Lisa JonesMoore (front)
Metal, photos, paper, mixed media NFS

 "Marilyn" by Lisa JonesMoore (back)
Metal, photos, paper, mixed media NFS
There was an entire wall of these large sculptural pieces (generally 2-4 feet in diameter) which I thought must have been a different exhibit... from afar they looked like wood carved into rounds like a cross-section of a tree.  I was sure surprised when I moved in for a closer look!
Sculpture by Ellen Jane Michael made of books

Sculpture by Ellen Jane Michael made of books

Close-up of side of book Sculpture by
 Ellen Jane Michael 
I'll share more of these (and perhaps some of my art journals) soon!

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  1. oooohhhhhh very cool! I *do* love them! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. So very interesting. I've never seen books like this before! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are wonderful! I love books of all kinds too, and also paper art. I'd love to do something in fabric like those books with pop up pages and moving elements although I haven't got very far with that yet!