Monday, December 10, 2012

Making Fabric

Snow-dyed and then stenciled using oil paint-sticks
 A couple of friends and fellow CQA members met at my home today to do some surface design on fabrics to be donated to Stashfest, a fundraising event to benefit the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum.

Patricia Belyea, on the organizing committee for Stashfest, spoke at our CQA meeting yesterday and really generated some enthusiasm for the event, as well as coming over to play with making fabric today.  Patricia's business, Okan Arts, imports yukata cottons from Japan, as well as promotes using these incredible Japanese fabrics.  She also teaches and makes artisan quilts.

Snow-dyed with Procion MX and
over-dyed with Dye-na-Flow
My other guest today, Carolyn Higgens, is one of two Washington state representatives for SAQA or Studio Art Quilt Associates, another group which I belong to.  Carolyn and I met some time ago in an ongoing Design series of classes by Lorraine Torrance.

Snow-dyed with Procion MX and
over-dyed with Dye-na-Flow
The most wonderful part of the three of us getting together was to find out the ties that we share... our commitment to promoting fiber art in our state.  Carolyn's blog "Fiber Arts in the Northwest" showcases some fascinating artists from the area.  She hopes to expand to covering classes and events that are taking place in the Northwest.

Snow-dyed with Procion MX and
over-dyed with Dye-na-Flow
The photos here are some of the pieces of fabric which I've made to contribute to Stashfest on behalf of CQA.  I love doing surface design!  These four pieces were initially snow-dyed with Procion MX dyes, then I overdyed them with Dye-na-Flow.  The top one was additionally stenciled with Shiva oil paintsticks and Seta-color transparent paint.  I'm also going to be offering a tour of my studio, as one of the special "Stashfest Insider Visits" for sale as another aspect of the fundraiser.  Anyone who purchases my studio tour will be given a choice of two different one yard pieces of hand-dyed/ surface designed fabric.

Freehand machine embroidery piece I'm working
on for my 5 x7 challenge
I also started my first piece for my 5 x 7 personal challenge.  I know, I'm not really supposed to be starting this until 2013, but I wanted to get in the practice now!  So, here's a look at the start of my machine stitched zebra which I'm creating.  I suppose I'm still a little anxious about committing myself to making something each week.  Does it count if I make something larger than 5 x 7?  For instance, if I finish a big project one week, but don't do my 5 x 7?  What do you think?

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