Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Golden Acrylics 1- Ink Jet Printing on Just About Anything

On Sunday, our local area Surface Design Association small group had a wonderful speaker/presentation by Barbara De Pirro on uses of Golden Acrylic products.  Barbara is a fantastic mixed media artist and gives different classes on using acrylics of all sorts.

If you're not familiar with acrylic products, there is a whole range of supplies that are great for working with on fiber and mixed media. Acrylic paints can be used on fabric, although it works best if combined with a fabric medium, helping to extend the paint and maintain the hand of the fabric (the way the fabric naturally feels. Acrylic paint is water soluable snd dries quickly (it is water resistant when dry.) You can also modify it with acrylic gels, mediums or pastes.

One of the things I'd never seen before was a digital "ground" that you can mix with all sorts of products, including glass bead gel, acrylic ground, fiber paste, mica flakes and more. This specially formulated acrylic allows you to make almost any reasonably flat surface into something that can be printed in your ink-jet printer. For instance you can get a crisp clean image on a metal foil, on specialty papers, and even on acrylic "skins" which you create by painting on a layer one of the products and letting it dry.
Fine pumice gel with Digital ground
has been run through the ink jet
printer to add this image
The sheet or "skin" easily peels up and is
translucent.  It can be added into
artwork, even stitched on.

Examples of using Digital Ground with different substrates and then putting through
the ink-jet printer

Starting with cheesecloth, covering with coarse
molding paste with digital ground, then
printing an ink jet image on it

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  1. Wow! That's really cool. I cant do good stuff like that. I have to hold my printer with just the right pressure and HOPE beyond all HOPE it will pull a piece of paper. I wouldn't risk anything cool like that :) Hopefully I'll get a new printer before too long.